Friday, August 29, 2008

Parents and Children Learn By Experience

Everyday I see people minding their own life while there are others who are too busy minding about somebody else's life.Everyone around us seemed to be preoccupied by these things--money,fame,glamour,if not friendship,love,or sex,or just nonesense...

I see or hear couples arguing about stupid things.These nonsense arguments usually lead to a more serious fight.Every battle begins with a misunderstanding, and if not solved early will lead to a piled-up misjudgements and harsh comments on each side.A family with parents who keep on arguing usually produced traumatized children.A family becomes fragile if both parents are unstable in their emotions and decisions. Wife starts a fight with her husband because he does not earn enough for the family.If not it is the husband complaining about the overspending of his wife who keeps on shopping and buying unnecessary stuffs..

Living in a world of madness creates stress to the people around and as the younger generations witness the examples of the older generations they have the tendency to copy the same-- in time they might grow up to be exactly like one of their parents.

As a parent, we have to be careful on what we say knowing that children will learn from our example. And when we say NO we have to at least explain why or else they will not obey you.When my son was playing nearby while I was ironing and then later tried to approach me with a curious look on what I was doing,I said No instantly but he didn't understand why and kept on approaching so I scream STOP! He didn't know why I prevented him from approaching and didn't understand why I yelled at him.Little kids don't feel the sense of danger that parents feel... we learn that by experience or by other's I took his hand and let him feel the warm ironing board. He only understood the danger of "very hot stuffs" when I let him remembered how he reacted the last time he was eating a very hot rice. Another instance was when I was cutting meat in the kitchen, I told him not to play with knives and other sharp object because he might get cut like the meat.One time my husband got an accidental cut so I took the opportunity to show him how it is to get an accident. He was like curious on interviewing his father to know how it feels and later on told him to be careful next time.

My point is, we don't just say NO to somebody without saying an explanation. Arguments starts when somebody is taking his authority over someone but that someone is doing a rebellion. In order to establish trust between each other, the other one has to make an honest if not invented explanation.I know a little child asking so much questions is sometimes a pain in the ass-- especially if you don't know the answer or how to answer according to the child's level of understanding.Even if sometimes, you just guess or invent an explanation,at least, there is a little explanation he got.

Communication is very important to establish an agreement and understanding. But to communicate with someone we have to be tactful on selecting less harsh words if we want to do sermon or scolding. Try to be gentle with words yet firm in your eye-contact. Eye contact is important if you want your point to be understood. Then whatever it is that you argue about, try to pause and take time to listen to the other party, you might realize it's just a misunderstanding.It happend already many times especially if both are talking and none of them listened but the people surrounding them.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Career as a Mom-- What Did I Miss?

So many things I missed these past few days...or let's say these past few weeks of my absence in the blogworld.

First, I miss replying my emails and offline messages in YM so as checking the comments section in my friendster...Gosh I miss my old friends .... my chatfriends, my school friends, my close friends,my friendster friends...especially those who left me comments and greets me in the comment section...well, what can I do if they prefer to greet me or say what they want to say to me in the comment section instead of just saying a plain comment or sending a message through email?Anyway,I'm glad they haven't forgotten me and stay thoughtful eventhough I miss to rebound back(repeated again for the second twice ehehehe) the thought sometimes.Pasensya na po!

Second,I miss my gardening as a hobby especially now that summer is still here(even though the weather in Belgium is not as promising as the Philippines' tropically hot summer.(oh,how I miss my country's climate!) Now,my garden is not as beautiful and as colorful as the last year.Well,a new baby changes all my previous routines and priorities. These days,my mind is mostly about the baby's well-being as a first priority.And I'm always pre-occupied by things that meet the baby's needs....and then my needs just right after...and I enjoy it actually.It feels good to be a mom the second time around....

Then, I miss a little bit the will be a little bit complicated now that we have another one added to the list of travellers but we don't have to worry about that right now...we are not yet in the mood to travel again anyway.Wherever it will be... it can wait.
Lastly, I guess I miss my old me...the single me... the one who was carefree soaring like a bird...hehehe...anyway the old me has evolved and has changed her avatar...she can never be the same again...especially now that there's another part of her being transformed and moulded into another life...everything has changed and these changes brings new challenges...And the new me is always ready for the new challenges life has to offer...Bring it on!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Busy Mom Again

It's been many weeks I have not updated my blog.In case you have not read the latest happenings in my life, I just had my 2nd child and now back as a busy mom again.... changing diapers, less-sleep if not sleepless nights, singing lullaby, and what else?hhmm... another mess to clean up and more laundry to wash...No, I'm not complaining...having a new baby around and taking care of this lovely little creature is indeed a sacrifice to make...and as a saying goes "in every sacrifice, there is a prize".

Having him is also a gift--another blessing in the family.Each day is an experience I wouldn't trade for anything else in this world... not even for a ticket to go somewhere beautiful and fun... even a house and lot or Euromillion will not convince me to choose over having him in my life....that's why I'm not even spending a little time to update my blog! haha!... in short he's one of the few that matters to me right now.So here we are, exposed to the internet for everyone in my relatives and friends to view...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Age Is Just A Number

For me, counting birthdays and determining how "old" you are can indeed affect your way of thinking and behaving... it's like a mind programming that tells you " you are one year older so you should act older"... like when somebody tells you,"you're already too old to play with toys" or you're too old for her/him". I mean, when you were still young, people look at you and say comments like "you're still young to get married" or you're still too young to have a baby". Later on as years passed by, some of these people tend to be scared to commit due to the fact that they are still "too young" and therefore not ready to get serious.But later on as your age reach 29 or 39 or 49, you'll start to get scared of the next bigger number then you start to realize you're getting older and then you imagine how it will be to live in the 30's,40's or 50's and worst is how you will look like in your 60's.
Age is just a number. But why do we judge a 20 yr old girl who wants to marry a 40 yr old guy? Why do we not find it appropriate for a 50 yr old woman to date men in their 40's? Because inside our head we have been taught a different scenario... that young couple are still " too young to settle in" and that " old people should just retire because they are already over-aged to flirt or fall in love.
Society teaches us traditions like counting birthdays and minding age gaps.But we must keep in mind that the number of your age will not determine "how matured you are mentally and emotionally". A 10 yr old child could be mentally more intelligent than a 20 yr old Miss Universe candidate or a 40 year old guy could still be emotionally immature and therefore feels that he is not yet ready to commit,get married and have children.Many often see themselves not yet ready for something even though they are already at a certain age.
Many older women experience growing anxieties as they reach the age of 50's or even at an earlier age. Even women in their 30's start to fear of the old age as they start to see signs of wrinkles on their faces. Independent women as they reach the age of 40 will suddenly realize they want to have a baby and procreate whatever it takes to experience a woman's stage of "becoming a mother".
Whatever's the age of a person doesn't really matter. What matters are the experiences you had encountered and the memories that will linger as time passes by.We can count on years,but the years can't count or measure the knowledge and wisdom a person has obtained in the years of his life...

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Getting Out of Economic Bondage

With almost everything commercialized, someone needs to earn money to pay for everything...electricity,water,food etc etc. The list goes on.We have become dependent on money to sustain our everyday life as if we live a life that revolves around money and its influence. As a result people experience poverty and misery.

When I was 5 years old I thought everything was free and available whenever I needed anything. When I was hungry I asked for food and there it was given. Then I turned 6 and had to go to school.My mother had to give me a coin that I did not know for what use.I was told I had to give it in return for a snack and a drink.And I started wondering why we have to do that.After school I wander around our neighborhood to spot for ripe fruits on trees.Then all I need was to ask permission to climb on their tree to get some then share my harvest to the generous owner.I did that "climbing trees hobby" until I was 14 and got told "Ít's inappropriate for a girl to climb on trees like a monkey". I became conscious when they say 'my panty is showing off.But anyway,I minimized my climbing activities to concentrate more on my school activities and home chores.Life as I see in my teenage years became more complicated.

That was my experience years ago.Now that I am married and have kids,life gets more and more complicated especially with the newer and newer technology that offers almost everything you want in return for your fortune and hard earned money.One thing I learned.We only have these basic needs : food and water, clothing, shelter. The rest of the other things which consume a lot of money are mostly miscellaneous bills that add up to become the pricey "liked or wanted items" that you can REALLY LIVE WITHOUT.

It's not easy to get out from the bondage of money where each citizen of a country is always under economic control of these big-time businessmen and politicians.Capitalism has long been introduced in many countries starting from the western world and spreading to the developing countries and most people engaged in businesses just socialize for the sake of business. As they say: "Nothing personal, just doing business." That's the few things I don't like about businessmen... you cannot be sure of their sincerity... as the term goes- they are usually business-minded and always go for money and profit.

I don't fully blame these bussinessmen and capitalists. I understand that it's their goal in life and so they have to go for it no matter how much it had to cost for other people and how much other people had to suffer to do manual labor to obtain their products.

The only solution to get out of this economic bondage and to be free from poverty is to realize first that all these material things beyond your needs which are for sale are just decorations of life-- creating temptations to motivate people to work harder.It's their choice to be tempted or not. To be free from poverty is to know what poverty really is and to realize we can do simple things to get out from poverty -- if we really think we are poor.As long as you still meet the basic needs everyday, you are not poor. Poverty is just in the mind.And money is not the basis to measure poverty and richness. As long as you are capable of doing something to provide your basic needs, you are still free to choose to live a life dependent of the economy that big businesses controlled or live an independent life free from the dictations of the society.

To get out of the economic bondage is to learn ways to be independent from the outside supply-- meaning you have to learn to produce and sustain your needs-- from food to clothes to shelter.Food is the most important and the solution is to plant in your garden.I guess for the rest you can figure out a way to solve your needs.This process has to be done slowly but surely you will see the sweet fruits of your labor.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Consumerism and Economic Enslavery

Since money was invented, people's way of thinking have changed. They have shifted from being productive into being money dependents.And that causes consumerism to explode.

Consumerism has always been exploited by money-- and even farmers or producers have been selling their lands for more profits and shifting from producers into steady consumers.And we asked: why is money involved in this? Because the idea of having money changes everything... you think you can buy whatever you want-- food, shelter,clothings,anything you need and want.

Consumption mirrors, mimics and mocks the severities of labour. It is driven by the same compulsions, the same economic necessities, the same inescapable rigours and rhythms of an industrialization without end. The role of the consumer is to turn the body into an absorber of more and more industrial products, denatured but more expensive foods, medicines and remedies.

Women are always the first subject of these exploitation. We invent stuffs for their body: items made of gold, jewels, diamonds for facial, hand and arm ornaments, the use of gems, crystals, rings and even rings in nose, ears, eyebrows,anything a woman could desire and fancy... as what is being depicted on the story of the famous Eve... women were said to be the subject of temptations.

And now comes the new trend of consumption : services that "work wonders" --the manipulation of identity, be it for those who want face surgery to look like someone else, or those seeking to defeat time with anti-ageing creams. And the cosmetics industry with its shampoos of elderberry and jojoba, its facials of cucumber and wild herbs, its body-mousse of strawberries and avocado, purports to apply to our body a freshness and purity which has long ago disappeared from what we eat.

Money enslaves the so called "third world countries" which in fact are the ones who are truly rich in natural resources.These innocent people have been taught that they are poor because they don't have what westerners have-- nice clothes, fancy cars, huge houses,latest technologies, and every "rich people's bling blings" . And so these poor people got enslaved into labour inside their own territory for sugar production, tea or rubber plantationsand the list goes on ... people exploiting other people on the other side of the world for the sake of the consumers of the controlling westernized world.And as labour gets intensified in these "third world countries",an evergreater toll of the bodies of the poor are more and more exploited and consumed up to the last drop of their blood,at the same time the bodies of consumers must be pampered and protected more than ever before, so that they will go on serving as consumers of industrial products of the future.

Time will come, the people all over the world will start to feel and see the symptoms of this massive form of epidemic disease.Oh yes,Mother nature will always find a way to get rid of the causes of the imbalance--but first she will send warnings before she strikes... we might hear news about crisis in banks,hospitals,petrol companies and even government,debates about economic issues, conflicts between labourers and owners of factories..and so on.And obviously, we could see bodies wasted from insufficiency and overwork on the one hand and, at the same time, bodies bloated and wasted by excess and all the sicknesses of hyperconsumption.

Each one has to start to be wise and responsible in their own production and consumption.Those who spend too much money in the consumption of unnecessary things has to learn to consume moderately because it has always been proven that TOO MUCH OF SOMETHING IS BAD ENOUGH.

Clean and Renewable Energy: For What Price?

Nowadays,people are complaining about the prices of commodities.Basic needs have become less and less affordable even to the people with average income.

Few smart people working for years to find solutions that would fill up the energy shortage in the near future manage to create promising stuffs yet with prices that only rich people can afford.We all know that there's limit to this source of energy we're getting right now. As humanity is finished digging up all the fossil fuels and all there are left of the limited resources, where can we go to ask for help?

Brazil has already its alternative to petroleum consumption which is bio-ethanol.Some farm tractors in Europe run with colza oil.Some experimented with used oil from their kitchen fryers which I think is too risky for the motor engine.

The problem is not finding the solution to the future crisis.The solutions are already found.The only real problem is the investment....those people who have the money to invest on solutions want to profit more so they'd prefer investing on limited resources rather than the unlimited...because they know they can control the money inflow... that's what happens right now.Businessmen controls the money profit through overpricing due to what they call as the "low supply and high demand".We will just expect another oil price increase next year due to another lower supply and higher demand.And then what's next?

If they are really serious on solving the energy crisis,they should start to invest on projects that will provide clean and renewable energy...and please make it affordable for the majority of the people.

Date Rape Drugs and Its Potential Victims

Rape has been happening worldwide: In most cases, the victims are women and the rapists took the time to plan the crime to make it safe for him to escape the consequence and making sure that no witnesses and evidences will be present that would convict him or making it appear like the suspect is innocent and the victim as consenting to the act(victim as a prostitute/hooker/wife/gf).An example is the case of a Date Rape.

Nowadays,it's no longer safe for women to go to parties and dates.There are crazy people out there who manage to invent drugs to keep you under their control to do what they want with you and escape from their criminal act.These Date Rape Drugs had already made a lot of victims and people especially teenage girls unaware of its existence are usually the potential targets.I have only learned about this through net surfing and clicking on random informative websites.Being aware of this,I'm scared for those innocent girls out there who easily put their trust on people they go out with and have some drinks...

So, I"m trying to spread this information through my blog to inform girls (and guys as well) so they would be warned...If ever you go to parties or any gatherings that requires drinking, keep yourself from being a victim of these date rape should:

*Say "NO" to alcohol. Have water or soda instead.
*Open your own drinks.
*Don’t let other people hand you drinks.
*Keep your drink with you at all times, even when you go to the bathroom.
*Don’t share drinks.
*Don’t drink from punch bowls or other large, common, open containers. They may already have drugs in them.
*Don’t drink anything that tastes, looks, or smells strange. Sometimes, GHB tastes salty. *Always go to a party, club, or concert with someone you trust, such as a friend or an older brother or sister.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

I Was Saved by my Instinct!

Rape incidents have been occurring again and again in many parts of the world and still there are many unsolved cases of rape wherein the victims continue to suffer on their own...feeling dirty and blaming themselves for what happened to them.In some countries of the middle east,the victims are the ones to take the punishment either by stoning or imprisonment if they cannot provide enough witnesses of the incident.What's worse is the society's response of no sympathy and the unfair treatment towards the rape victims...they are doomed to a life of misery because no man will have no more interest to marry them... an outcome to a crime committed by someone and the victims got the blame,shame and pain.Such mental tortures and nonacceptance by the society could sometimes lead these victims to commit suicide.

I was once almost a victim of this kind of predators when I was still studying in college...only I was not THAT stupid to figure it out and find a way to get out of his trap.

Here's my story:When I visited my sister in Mandaue,there was this good-looking guy I noticed staring at me right after I got out of the jeepney.He followed me as I cross the street then asked me a stupid question just to catch my attention:"Miss,what time is it?" I answered,"You don't trust the time on your own watch?" He was laughing and said I'm too snob and that he did not notice his watch is visible.I said,"Yeah,yeah, you forgot to take it off before you ask me the time." He continued to talk to me and asking more questions while I was walking and him trying to make a conversation while catching his breath....I just broke up with a boyfriend at that time and was not interested to flirt on guys nor to be flirted.Although he got tired of talking to me and me answering him back with another question, he continued to act interested in me and asked if he can accompany me to my sister's house.I told him he should be scared to go with a stranger he just met in an instance because he would not know where he will be taken.He just smiled,showing off his dimple and answered,"I'm a guy,I can protect myself and in case, nothing will be taken from me." I ended up the tease saying,"Well,good for you."

I introduced this stranger to my sister joking I paid him to show off as my new boyfriend. She asked him questions and they had a little talk as well.I learned that he was working at the building where the jeepneys stop.By the end of my visit,he asked my sister's permission to visit me in my boarding house then asked for my number.

He called me every night for about a week then he ask if he can visit me in the boarding house.My housemates got thrilled seeing him in person and they giggled when I told them I potioned him with my underarm odor when I got off the jeepney.He laughed at my joke and told them that for him it was "love at first sight." Well,he played his card as a gentleman for days and got my trust to tell him where I study and where I work part-time during week-ends,holidays and vacations.For another week,we ate dinner together after my work and then escorted me home safey after that.

A day before the attempt we passed nearby the police station and told me he has an uncle who is a famous police. I told him I have never been to the police station in that area.He then said,"You should go to see him since it's just near your place."He told me stories about his family without me asking about them which made me wonder why he kept on talking about their family's close connections with politicians and some other things that he felt might impress me.I just reply repeatedly,"Really?,really? really? Wow,really?

It happened after our dinner when he told me his uncle is interested to meet me in person...he said,because he had already met my sister, to return the favor I should meet his uncle who just live nearby. I told him I'm not rushing to meet all of his family.He didn't insist.He invited me for a little walk and I could notice he's making too much effort to make a longer conversation to distract me from questioning him where "our little walk" would be heading. It seemed like he was too much in pressure at that moment that I could notice he constantly wipe off his sweat while some bizarre smiles appeared on his face.I started to sense something... When we arrived at the opposite street of the Metro Gaisano he asked me if I have some money change in my wallet.I questioned him,"Why,you're gonna rob me later on?" He was laughing out loud and said that's why he likes me so much because I'm such a joker that I made him laugh easily.As I insisted for an answer he then told me we are approaching his uncle's place so why not take the visit...but we need to pay because there's an entrance fee to go inside his uncle's apartment.Consciously,I was both shocked,scared and insulted...WHAT?Does he really think I'm THAT stupid to fall for his trap???... but I continued pretending to be still naive and stupid so I could get back my joker card at the end of his game.

We arrived at the small street at the back of the Metro where there are lots of motels,inns and lodges.We stopped near a mango vendor and asked me to take out my wallet to get the money.It was at that time that I got the courage and overcome my fear and felt now it's my turn to play my act.I looked at him with a very sour and sarcastic smile on my face and said. "This is where your uncle lives?Well,I've suddenly changed my mind.I'm no longer interested to meet your uncle nor to see your face again!You really think your plan to check me in using my own money will work by inventing a story of visiting your uncle who lives here?I still have loads of laundry to do and books to study so do me a favor and stop wasting your time and my time.Find someone else stupid enough to fool around." He was sooo blushing from embarrassment but kept on following me until I finally got into a jeepney and left him standing beside the street(maybe hoping I'll change my mind again?bwahaha). I arrived at the boarding house and told no one about what happened.

It was then when I arrived in my room (feeling finally safe)that I trembled like crazy and cried tears of relief when I realized how much I was into trouble if ever I really fall for the guy and trusted him easily and blindly.My instinct was letting me sense the danger since the very start... like a feeling that "he's too good to be true" and my suspicions on him kept me distance from feeling full trust when I'm with him.

The next day, I told my close friends about that frustrated date rape and they told me I was lucky to figure out and get out of the trap before it's too late. If ever he did not asked me if I have some money and he had not told me there would be an entrance fee I would not figure out we would check-in a room and the rest would be a sad story of a raped girl.I was glad to know that I may be naive but not stupid.After the incident the guy never called again nor show up in school or at work and I always get scared to see him accidentally somewhere someday.The memory of his face always traumatize me.

U.S. Soldier Raped a Filipina & Claimed She's a Prostitute

When I heard the news about another Filipina raped by a U.S. soldier ( this time it happened in Japan) and the case was dropped due to "insufficient evidence", I couldn't believe why her hospitalization for a few days due to serious bleeding and her medical findings are still not enough evidences that there has been a rape going on.During the previous reports,the soldier told the investigators he paid her for sex at the Hotel New Century in Okinawa City. An employee of the hotel said the two checked into the hotel at 10 p.m. on Feb. 17. The soldier left at 9 a.m. the next day and the woman was later taken to a local hospital for treatment of serious bleeding, ---the police said. Why on earth would they not charge him of rape if the victim showed serious evidences as a result of the act? Was it because this soldier claimed he paid this woman for sex and for that,it made him blameless for the woman's condition? Let me define rape in case these policemen neglect its meaning: Rape is the act of forced penetration of any bodily orifice (vaginally, anally, or orally) or forced cunillingous, involving violation of the survivor's body and psychological person. The assault is accomplished by the use of force, the threat of force, or without force when the survivor is unable to physically or mentally give her consent. It is the destruction of a feeling of control over one's body, life, and the course of events. Rape is an experience of violation, degradation, and humiliation. It often infuses the survivors with the shock of their own vulnerability. Obviously,there has been an assault accomplished by the use of force.A person has a right to refuse sex at any time, even during a sexual encounter. The same rules apply even if the people are married to each other...which means I could sue my husband if he force me to!

I found another informative article...a journal entry by Cheryl Spear in connection with the rape of prostitutes. Rape is rape is rape. But when the trier of fact is aware that the victim is a prostitute, the constraints of dominant discourse and structural context come into play and affect the perspective in which the rape is seen. Yes, she was raped. But, she has chosen to sell her body and therefore is given less protection than the women who does not sell her body. Under the U.S. Constitution we are each entitled to the full protection of the law, so that it is a violation of our constitutional rights to accord some of us less protection than others because of our "chosen" profession. We refuse to take into consideration that these rape victims who happened to be prostitutes chose prostitution for survival from among these situations like extreme poverty, sexual and/or physical abuse at home, and homelessness. Last year, there was a case in Philadelphia,U.S.A. wherein a bar association has criticized a judge for refusing to uphold sexual assault charges against a man who allegedly let friends rape a prostitute he had hired. The poor victim got double trauma because of added insults to the injuries.

Now back to that poor Filipina whose filed case has been dropped by the Japanese court, I wonder why she did not manage to contact the front desk of her condition inside the room..for sure the rapist was sleeping for the rest of the night which gave her a chance to contact somebody through the phone...or was she so traumatized that all she did was cry overnight for self-pity... Maybe she also had a gun pointed at her that she could not scream or do something to stop him from hurting her... or if not(I doubt she could ignore the pain after all those hours she spent with this guy),she was just ok being sexually abused as long as she got paid but surprisingly when she woke up,she maybe did not get the exact amount agreed or did not get any payment at all that's why she filed a rape case...just a thought what threatened her so much to not inform the hotel staff of her raped condition and bleeding while the guy was still fast asleep so police could catch him at that moment and she might win the police sympathy if the had seen her agony inside that hotel room...

Unwanted Pregnancy and Denial of Pregnancy

One of the shocking news I have read from the Philippines are the 2 cases of babies thrown by their own was thrown from a running cab(who luckily survived)and one thrown from the window of a building(9th floor,dead).I was so sad to learn that certain desperate women can do such acts to their own child.But then,why do we have to judge them as bad women for their behavior?It's their own life and they are the ones who are taking control of themselves(which I doubt if they are still in control).Surely, they've been trapped inside certain circumstances wherein they feel the only way out is to get rid of their responsibility to take care of a baby alone...certain reasons of their acts could be:
1.she's a teen age girl with a boyfriend unwilling or unable to support the baby once born

2.she's wants to finish studying and taking care of a baby means she is obliged to stop and concentrate on her responsibilities being a mother...

3. she is considered a role model in the family and in school but one day got hot with her boyfriend and went beyond the limits...few months after she learned she got pregnant.

4.her parents are unaware of her pregnancy and they might not accept her "immorality" once they learned she's pregnant and keeping the baby would mean a big burden and a curse.

5.she undergoes a mental state wherein there is a denial of pregnancy and her mind is unaware that her body is pregnant and does not show any signs of it like weight gain and bulging tummy.Discovering just during her time of labor, she will suddenly have mental shock and panic and might just decide to get rid of "that thing".

6.she is surrounded by people with strict religious practices.Knowing she will no longer be accepted among their religion scared her to be cast away so she thinks of ways on how to get rid of the baby without abortion.

Among the Catholic society and some other religions,abortion has been seen as an evil act...immoral,dangerous, and deadly.But what's more dangerous,immoral and deadly than a mother throwing a new-born baby from inside a running taxi or from a 9th floor of a building?That woman concerned,feeling alone and helpless, had to choose between 2 evils.

There is also that case wherein a woman's troubled mind could lead her to a denial of pregnancy...a situation of "mind-over-matter" in which your mind is unconscious of the pregnancy occurring on one's body.Mind-over-matter is a strong power from conscious or unconscious intentions of the person.In this case of denial of pregnancy, since the mind's influence is focused on other priorities of that woman like her stressful work or busy studies, her mind is no longer conscious on other influences of the physical world including her physical body.She still does the usual stuffs everyday like taking a shower,dressing up,eating but mostly they are done as a mental program of reflex called as daily habits.As an effect of this unconscious pregnancy,the body will also not show the physical changes and signs of the ongoing pregnancy.

This power of mind-over-matter is also applied by certain people of paranormal discipline in which they can walk on fire or on water without being burned nor drowned...the mind has a powerful capability to control the surrounding physical world.In the case of denial of pregnancy, the mind neglecting or let's say:not recognizing the body's process of procreation causes the body to continue the "babymaking process" as part of nature's work but making the obvious signs unknown to the mind.This special case has never been acknowledged yet by many people especially in the Philippines, but there are already many case reports of this kind in europe.A known case in France involves a singer,Sherifa Luna, who won the French version of American Idol.She just learned she's 8th month pregnant after she experienced excessive fatigue and went for a check up.The ultrasound showed she's carrying an 8th-month fetus but her body didn't show-up any signs of an 8th-month pregnant woman.Everybody could not believe it since nobody noticed any signs...she dressed up like any teenage girls and danced like crazy with her belly button shown but really no sign of a bulging tummy!The funny thing she said during an interview was: after she learned she's pregnant,she first got shocked but became excited knowing she will be a future mom very soon...and then all the signs of pregnancy just showed up like nausea,vomiting,fatigue,cravings...her tummy starts to grow fast too....the weird thing she said was she got her menstrual periods during the previous months but not anymore after she learned she's pregnant!

Cases like this are hard to believe and most women either ended up accepting their babies or killing them.I've read some articles regarding some reports of this issue.

Description and Petition from the French Association for the Recognition of Denial of Pregnancy:

This is based on a population study in Germany:

A report from a study on American women citing a rate increase of unwanted pregnancies on poor women:

As a personal opinion,I would suggest that instead of teaching the youth on how to put a condom or take a pill, they should teach them how to take control of their sexual act with precautions and to be aware of responsibilities following these acts.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Few Things About Belgium-- Good and Bad

Well, I have no other major complaints about living in Belgium except for the crap weather... you see, when it's cold,it's very cold and snow is rare...I seldom see snow during winter... and when it snows, there's traffic jam everywhere! And the snow only last for a couple of days and then back to dry cold temperature that breaks my lips and gives me electric shocks everytime I touch the car door.Now let's talk about summmer... my favorite season... well more or less. I think I prefer the end of spring and start of summer...when bald trees start to have green leaves again and flowers bloom everywhere.But hey, careful, you might go out then boom-- hales of ice as big as pingpong balls if not like corn grains would suddenly fall from the sky! And yes,in summer it's hot... really hot but dryyyy... and when it rains, it really pours " comme une vache qui pisse" ( like a cow that pees) ! lol
Blogging about Belgium weather,I think is just typical for someone who has not encountered such a crap weather before in his entire many said, only in Belgium... name them--- hundreds of kinds of beer yet many Belgians still drink in moderation, and aahh-- the heavenly Belgian chocolates many tourists claim to be the finest in the world... then added to these records are the best tennis players in the world.What else?... yes! Belgium is the country with the most divorce rate! Then as I said,it has the crappest weather.... but the funniest thing I know about Belgium is- it's known for its popular "Mannekin Pis", a small statue (fountain)of a little boy who pees!From time to time it wears some costume during special holidays.

But seriously, Belgians are also serious with regards to government and politics.Maybe the reason why the UN headquarter is put here. They are serious when it comes to invention. The man who invented the Saxophone is a Belgian.And the actor Jean-Claude Van Damme is a Belgian for those who don't know.And I said serious because if in Paris they have the Eiffel tower, in Brussels they have the Atomium, a giant replica of an atom.
Ah,all these flowery words about Belgium... but still I would'nt like to stay here all my life. Living in this country of many opportunities is still a sad place of refuge for me. You see, getting along with the Belgians is my other issue aside from the weather.Belgians, you see, do not really consider themselves foremost as Europeans like the Americans feel they are ( even if they are originally Europeans as well hehehe ) Belgians, if compared to a Filipino Scenario are like the Tagalogs and the Bisayas. The Tagalogs feel they are superior than the Bisayas but the Bisayas don't give a shit. They go to Luzon anyway and look for a job-- either they end up as maids or nannies or they become famous singers and actors. Anyway, whatever they do to get a decent job they still don't gain respect from fellow Filipinos because the Tagalogs have this "inferiority complex" ( not all Tagalogs though ) Once they learn you are a Bisaya, they will look down on you like they see their housemaid character in you.And they mock you with your accent when you try to speak their language.Anyway, I'll blog about that when I have time.I'll focus first on Belgian scenario.

In Belgium there are 3 major divisions of their citizens namely, Flamands and Wallon.The 3rd one,Germanophone are not very aggressive with regards to dominance. And so, 2 major language play a role in Belgian government.They both fight for their own rights and for their territories. In Belgian products, it is obligatory to put both Flemish and French translation of their marketing labels and other inscriptions as well as the ingrediesnts.

If you are just a tourist, it's okay if you don't speak their language.They too can speak English... well mostly the Flemish can speak English.But if you want to become a permanent resident, you have to study their language.And knowing that there are 2 languages to learn, well, all I can say is good luck to your Belgian adaptation and welcome to Belgium!

Not Only in Belgium but the Whole World is in Crisis

Everywhere we see people doing rally and manifestations because the price of petroleum does not cease to increase.Every news talk about people demonstrating their anger in the streets...

There has been protest rallies in Malaysia resulting to a petition to get Malaysian Prime Minister to step down.In India,20 had been injured and 70 people had been detained after the protest rally.In the Philippines protest rallies have been set against additional tax on oil.In europe, rallies are also going on in Spain,in Portugal,in Belgium,and in UK. There has been many events like this. Today, taxis,trucks and tractors are paralyzing the Brussels during the usual peak hours and those people driving their cars within the city are really affected.It's not the first time something like this happens here and the unions are really into solidarity.And it's not the only place where people complains about price hikes.Most farmers and consumers of the world are affected by this crisis.Once the oil price increase,everything goes with it.

Here's a good film about what's happening now to the world market and how some people profit no this crisis:

2013, la fin du pétrole 2/3 (2013, End of Petroleum)
by Cassandre-

Unless we don't look for other alternative to solve the problem of oil shortage,we will always be spinned round and round on the hands of these big oil capitalists and imperialists.

In the near future if we continue being dependent to oil,car owners will be the one exerting their own energy to move their cars.

The Wonder of Life-- Women as Pro- creators

The amazement and joy I got from feeling the baby inside my womb while watching this fragile creature on-screen during the echography is so intense that any other things that brings me similar feeling is just a tiny speck compared to it.
Realizing that this being is growing inside you and you are helping to make his growing progress a success is such a magnificent role that I would not just take for granted. And I don't know why some women still smoke or drink while pregnant.Maybe they don't really mind the risk of their vice to the baby's health... and their addiction is stronger than their maternal affection.

Becoming a mother is a privilege of the female species that cannot be experienced and enjoyed by the male species.(except of course if you are a hermaphrodite or bisexual being like an earthworm or a lychee flower which has both male and female organs).

What gives every woman a sensation of having the important role in this world than to be the bearer of life inside your womb and taking care of it while it forms and completes its process of creation...and no macho male can ever take that privilege away from the females.Imagine having a world without a reproduction and no cycle of life,mankind surely will cease to exist.This very fact that men always try to destroy what Mother Nature has created. But let us look at it this way... Mother nature who possess everything that mankind needs to continue the cycle of life in this world has to provide food (including water) and shelter.Inside a womb the mother provides food to her baby through the ombilical cord and supplies the water trough the amniotic acid.She provides a shelter with her placenta inside her uterus.

The rest of what we have right now (like clothes and accesories and the rest of the bling blings including our gsm,pc, etc etc ) are just options to provide comfort and luxury ... in short, we don't REALLY need these many things (except if you live in a place with very cold temperature) but we WANT and DESIRE these things to make our simple life complicated. For this reason a baby is created and born naked, with a brain free to think of all the superficial inventions in this materialistic world.It's up to him to figure out what really matters most when he is tired of all the consequences he has to face as he complicates his simple life...then eventually learn how to go back to the basics.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I've Decided to do Breastfeeding

Yes,boys and girls,I've decided to breastfeed my baby once he's there.I always believe that breastfeeding is still the best food for the babies...especially the newborn ones.Colostrum gives the baby the best protection against diseases by supplying the needed immunities acquired by the mother against certain diseases and this stronger resistance is passed on to the babies.

During my first experience of breastfeeding, it was a little bit painful because of its sensibility but later on I got used to it and my first baby did grew well without any allergies whatsoever.It's also good for his immune system to fight against certain diseases and it helps the mom's body(especially the uterus to go back to its normal place and shrink back to its normal size). Also,in many cases,mothers who are breastfeeding minimized the risk of rapid gain of weight since their babies are also consuming the extra calories and stored fats and nutrients in their body.Nature is designed to make the necessary storage of extra fats and nutrients to supply the babies need during pregnancy until after birth of the fetus.That's why here in europe and other developed countries,certain mothers who decide not to breastfeed are prescribed some medications to help them control their body's natura response to motherhood and control their weight gain by slowly stopping the production of milk which is the automatic process of nature after a mother gives birth and by slowly cutting off their urge to eat on big quantities due to wider space occupied by the stomach after the baby is out.

I've noticed that in the Philippines, the idea of breastfeeding is considered by many people as inconvenient and for others it's disgusting to see a mother breastfeeding her baby...some educated people find breastfeeding as a low-class practice.The commerce of formula milk has slowly changed the mentality of many parents especially the moms. The influence of medias on people made a great impact of educating parents the wrong information that formula milk makes your baby more intelligent and even gives them skills.Take for example Promil...according to their famous advertisement Promil is the milk for gifted children( it gives the parents the idea that if they give their babies Promil they will grow up to be like the kid who knows how to play the violin).Another mentality I've noticed on some people is, being able to buy a formula milk means you can afford and it makes them feel they are in the higher class of the society...while breastfeeding moms makes them look like their family is tight in budget and so they cannot afford to buy the baby the "high standard" form of the baby's nourishment.

Me, personally, I still think that these products provide false informations and exaggerated claims to sell their products.Business is business and money is the strongest motivation of most people making the advertisements.No offense...just an opinion from a concerned mom.

What I Get Out of Online Shopping

It's not all the time that I do online shopping.I only do it when I see something nice and affordable that I really like and only if the shipping cost is reasonable. These days it's more convenient for me to do shopping online than to go take a long walk in the city center or the nearby shopping area.It's a bit risky for me to get too tired and put too much pressure to myself since I'm almost at the due date of my pregnancy. The reason why I do online shopping is because most of my present maternity clothes would not fit anymore especially on my tummy.

I look for summer clothes with front buttons practical for breastfeeding....that's right,I've decided I will feed my baby with my own natural mother's milk. Some might find it ewww and might lose their appetite while reading this but I dont find it disgusting.Ive done it already with my first child and I don't find any personal or medical reason why I wont do it again.Anyway, back to online shopping, as customer,I have to trust the seller of the item. The best way to do this is to contact and ask questions regarding the item you are interested to buy.

Most of the time, my husband buys from ebay.The last item he bought was a furniture.Now,it's my turn to shop online and I have to wait patiently for my package to arrive.At last, I received it and surprisingly, it said in the notice that it was the 2nd delivery following the first package due to stock shortage.I told my husband to contact them to inform that we have not received the first package yet.Luckily,it arrived the next day.I got worried because the package was not registered and we can't prove that we did not receive it.But anyway, I said next time I'll not take the risk of ordering again in there website because it seems like they are too busy to even inform us thru email that they have sent the package and that it's on its way...just a confirmation of the order and the payment made and that's it! I got no email regarding the status of my order after that...imagine 10 days of waiting.

Well,sometimes that's what you get out of online shopping...worries and some other problems regarding the item you bought... one of the clothes is a bit big but I can live with it... it's better than not receiving any of my orders at all !

Preparations for the Coming Baby

Since a few weeks ago,my husband and I have already been preparing for the coming of our second child. I'm already in my 8th-month pregnancy and the baby might decide to come out earlier than the expected date.Even our son is already excited to meet his baby brother.

The baby's room is almost ready.It just needs a little arrangement.The baby's bed just needs its bedsheets and the blanket.We don't put it yet to avoid the dust.Anyway,my husband still has time to do it since I will be staying 5 days in the hospital for a normal delivery and in case of cesarean, 10 days stay is needed to monitor the mom and the baby's health condition.

My suitcase is almost ready ... just need to put the toiletries/bathroom stuffs.We have already reserved a private room in Erasme Hospital which is a bit more expensive but it will be covered by my husband's company health insurance(family members are included).

Monday, June 16, 2008

Alien to the Philippines

Well,I admit that alien is me... I just realized that when my husband told me the french television TF1 shoot the Koh Lanta 2008 in the Philippines(again).Yes, last year they held it in Palawan.Now this year,it's in Caramoan.For those who does not know what's Koh Lanta,it's the french version of Surivivor... the dutch version of it is called Robinson Expedition and the dutch also shoot in Palawan before the french did.I found one of the last year's Koh Lanta preview in youtube...

Now, let's go back to Koh Lanta Caramoan. I ask my husband again,what's the name of the place?"Caramoan." I said, "never heard of that place.Are you sure it's in the Philippines?" He said,that's what they said, it's in the Philippines." Well, I could not argue more with him so I did a research through google map....and indeed that "unknown place" EXIST in the Philippines... in Camarines Sur,Bicol,Philippines. I've found a few photos from a french blog called TicTacFlo
As I look at the photos, I could not believe a place like this, is still unknown to many Filipinos( myself).I have been to famous places like Boracay,Bohol,Mactan-Cebu and as I said I've never heard of this place! Well, I guess my knowledge about the many beautiful islands comprising the Philippine archipelago is still limited. Indeed there are still many undiscovered paradise in my very own country.... and that fact makes me long to go back to my native land...again and again...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Flying With Ryan Air

Travelling with Ryan Air is really a cheap way to fly through europe.It's also convenient to purchase a ticket through the internet....and the great time saving is-you can even check-in online!Well,this online check-in privilege is only for EU residents.Unfortunately my sister and my cousin could not do this so they had to do it at the airport and had to pay for the extra service charge...that's the thing about budget airline companies... they cut some costs so you don't pay too much for the ticket price... which means that it does not include a meal onboard and your only baggage is a hand-carry maximum 10 kilos.Extra charges are paid by the passengers per extra services like check-in baggage and meals on board. Anyway,who needs to have tons of baggage and a meal if you will only be visiting for a few days and the flight only takes 2 hours or less?
The only little hassles with this kind of travel is if you're pregnant and travelling alone or if you can't live without all your pairs of shoes and the matching wardrobes with you.The things you have to do is:

1.You have to be at the airport 2 hrs before the flight schedule if you are not an EU resident or if you are travelling with kids and have luggages to check-in.

2.You have to take the long queue with the other passengers to check-in with additional payment of 5 euros.However,for EU residents who already check-in online(it's free but you can't check-in online if you have baggages to check-in,you only need to be at the airport 40 mins. before the departure.You can go directly to the boarding gate by just showing the printed online check-in (+ the EU ID or passport) to the personnel checking the passenger's boarding pass.

3.Again,you take the long queue at the boarding gate since there is no assigned seat for you at the plane so you can sit anywhere as long as it's not a reserved seat.From the boarding gate,you may also have to take a shuttle bus to take you to the designated airplane.

4.With the hand-carry baggage,you then climb the stairs to go up the plane and carry your stuffs because they don't provide a direct passage from the waiting gate to the airplane.Of course you'll have to pay more for that kind of service so that's why if you don't like to exert a certain kind of effort then better not take this low-cost flights.Me, I had no problem with that... I was lucky they have a lift at the Gerona airport boarding gate so I had no troubles dragging my suitcase down the stairs...only a little effort by the time I had to go up the sister and my cousin were there to help me in case...kind passengers also helped me load my stuff seeing a pregnant woman in need of help.... :)

Olah! Barcelona

From Rome, we proceed to our trip to Barcelona.We arrived at Gerona airport at 9 pm and it would take another 1 hour by bus to travel to Barcelona.And so we had already booked a hotel just a few meters from the airport.That way,my husband would not be worried of my condition(being pregnant and travelling without him). It's the first time it happened that he could not travel with me because of work and our son's schooling.Anyway,all went well thanks to his help with online-bookings and more hassles and no more unexpected surprises.
It was indeed a great help that we got a hotel room prepaid because by the time we arrived at the hotel,the one in front desk just asked for the printed confirmation and payment details then hand us over the key to our room and told us other details like the restaurant took like 2 minutes spent in the front desk.Another client behind us asked for any available room for the night but she said it's fully booked.
The next day we got prepared and went down to take our breakfast that was included in the price (by the way it's something I wont forget about our travel in Spain...the yummy fried eggs that seemed like very fresh from the farm and the crunchy (not very salty)bacon that I just loved.After the tasty breakfast we headed back to the airport where the bus going to Barcelona is stationed.And time passed by,we enjoyed sight-seeing and taking a nap as well during the one hour travel.At the bus terminal we had to ask at the tourism office for a map of Barcelona and also on how to get to Plaza Catalunya by metro.
Well,our spanish language is really limited that it took us some time to get the ticket machine to give us tickets...also a fault of putting small coins instead of just putting paper bills ....then another little surprise, we took a train ticket and not a metro ticket which obliged us to go back to the other entrance which is near the machine where we bought the ticket ggrrrr hehehe...anyway, being pregnant makes me lose my temper easily so I have to focus on something else that would not make me for instance,we arrived at Plaza Catalunya and nobody knows where to go anymore(another minutes wasted).We had to find the office of tourism that issues tickets for the bus tour(which was actually located underground opposite to where we went out).
Then,while they were busy taking their time posing and taking photos,I got the tickets for the bus tour and we head back to the bus stop to join the long queue of tourists waiting for a bus with empty seats on the upper deck. I wanted to go to any bus even if it's not on the upper deck so we can move forward with our tour.I had to insist or else we will just waste more time...especially by the time we would pass on souvenir shops...a minimum of 20 minutes is needed for them to choose and buy items and I had to look for a bench to sit while planning for the next itinerary of bus stops where it's interesting to go down the bus and take a visit. Everytime I think about us stopping,I had to estimate if we still had time to visit the rest of the place since they kept on taking time choosing and buying souvenirs rather than visiting first the place then buying souvenirs after or they have to limit their time in choosing so we won't get stuck in one place.But anyway, I had to be VERY PATIENT on them so our travel will not be a disaster with me as their moody "pregnant organiser-tourist guide-travel financer".

All-in-all, we got a chance to stop and visit Gaudi's great pieces of art like the Casa Mila,the Sagrada Familia, The Parc Guell, then another stop at Plaza de España, the Montjuïc and the nice panoramic view of Barcelona city from the front building of National Art Museum of Catalunya.Well,for the rest,we just did a sightseeing from the upper deck since we were already running out of time.We missed to see the inside of the football stadium and the Olympic Games stadium as well as the Port Olímpic.Anyway, I know now the nice places worth the visit by foot so next time I'll come back to Barcelona, I already have ideas on where to go to spend quality time.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Roaming Around Rome

Being pregnant and travelling is quite a challenge especially when it involves carrying some baggages,taking a long walk and standing for a long time in one place. Good thing my doctor gave me some advice and prescribed me some medications to take in case I get a few contractions or cramps...anyway it's still possible to tour around...I just don't have to get too tired or stay standing for more than 20 minutes.
Before I booked my europe trips I checked first if I'll still be allowed to take a plane by the time my sister and my cousin's visit here in Belgium.Luckily I can still travel by plane within those dates.My husband was too worried for me that he already booked online out bus tours so I don't have to walk long distances from one tourist spot to another...a bit expensive for the 2-days package hop-on,hop-off tour bus but it was worth saved us some time and effort(especially for me)...indeed very convenient and less of a hassle.We had fun sightseeing on the upper deck while listening to the audio guide.I told them we'd take the whole tour first then later on decide which places are very interesting to hop-off and are worth our time...well, we had great photos and great experience as well...Rome is like a big open city museum and every corner has its history...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Checking the Cassells Ghantoot

My husband tried to book for another hotel because we could not extend our stay anymore in the Al Jazira Club hotel.One week was the duration we booked and we were hoping my sister could get the J1-D( discount benefit for a Hilton employee including its family members). Unfortunately, all hotels were busy and mostly fully booked at that time so it was impossible for her to get the benefit since it also depends on the availability of rooms.

We tried to inquire on other hotel room availabilities but most of them replied to be fully booked.Then my husband got a message from Sheraton telling they were fully booked as well but they recommended another hotel outside Abu Dhabi(about 30 mins by car).We checked and my husband booked at once since we were scared we might end up with nowhere else to stay.We only got one night reservation at Vision hotel and after that would be at Cassells Ghantoot,a hotel in the middle of the desert between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

We were indeed surprised by this hotel and its location.It's like a castle in the middle of the desert...well not the only hotel/resort in the's nearby
Golden Tulip Al Jazira Hotel and Resort.You will see this resort which is near the round-about (after you exit from the highway,bout 6 mins.)then about 300 meters farther is the Cassells Ghantoot.It's a big property and only few guests were there during weekdays...ahhh our 3 days of tranquility was worth the price.The funniest thing I will surely not forget about this place is its metallic indication "Execute Rooms".

From there we were also able to go to Dubai at only about 30-35 mins... we went to see the Ski Dubai inside the the grandeous Mall of the Emirates.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Boat Trip Around Abu Dhabi

A photo with my cousin Eva

With Eva and the Paquet family

My sister with me and Eva...

Al Ain Zoo and Jabel Hafeet Adventures

We have already visited Al Ain last year but we didnt get a chance to visit the zoo.This time we're lucky it's wasn't too hot outside to do the tour inside the zoo.We decided it would be a good time to go there late in the afternoon so that after the zoo we can go see the sunset in the nearby mountain of Jabel Hafeet.
By the time we got inside,Matyu didn't waste his time taking a look around.He was very excited when he spotted the kids in the play area.And so we had to wait and convince him to make a little tour to see the animals.But anyway,it eas already a good thing that he didn't get bored of the place.

Some of the areas of the zoo are under renovation so we could actually hear the noise of the machines.The place was a bit big so we had really not enough time to do the whole tour.Anyway,we enjoyed the place and Matyu had fun doing slide hopping and trying all the playgrounds.Kids like him surely don't get bored while visiting the Al Ain zoo.

We were right on time or even 10 minutes before the sunset so we still had time to take photos of the mountain views.Matyu was fond of taking photos so we asked him to take one and voila! Just the right angle...even the background mountain is well-seen.And we were so surprised to see the result of his taken photos...such a talent in photography....hehehe.That's my kid!

Monday, March 31, 2008

The Drama Inside Hiltonia Beach

Matyu was really looking forward to that day when he will be able to swim and take a water slide inside Hiltonia.The last time we were there last year,we only took pictures and looked around since it was too hot to stay under the sun(43 C). And so we took the advantage to make him try all the 4 swimming pools. And of course he didn't waste his time looking around on where to go...he knew exactly where he would be heading first! And he did run very fast like he is going on a race....well,kids do that when they are too more time to look behind if his parents are still there.

We thought that his floats were already inside the bag since the day before we also went for a swim but surprised!... they were not there anymore and nobody did check if they were still inside before we left the hotel...well, mostly that's the problem in a couple when both of you think that your partner will do the rest of the preparation and mostly it's me who double checked before leaving...what happened was,he was too busy on his laptop and I was too busy " beautifying myself" in the bathroom and I was just putting inside the bag our swimwares and the extra clothes we might need to change in case we get wet...and both of us did assume that one of us saw it inside the bag....and noone did.I even asked him before I opened the door if we did not forget anything like sunblock,etc" but he made that "annoyed-yes response" that sounds like he's telling me"Stop asking me like I'm an old man with an Alzhiemer".

And so,I did not insist.I don't wanna be mad at him for somethign that can be prevented if I just double checked in the first the time we went to Plantation Bay in Cebu and I found his watch still inside the drawer when i double checked the room. And 6 years after I still do it but it usually gives him that impression that I don't trust him on keeping stuffs especially if I asked if he already checked on his usually annoys him.And seeing Matyu with a pink Barbie float,I can't help but remember the last time I got mad at him because of the 2 kilos of Easter egg chocolates he left at home that we are supposed to give to my sister.I was planning to put the bag of chocolates in my suitcase since it's bigger...
but he told me he already put "all" inside his suitcase.And I was assuming he already put all since he was the one who kept the other packs he first bought...But he was assuming as well that I put all the chocolates inside that same bag that he puts in his suitcase...I told him I did not even know where he puts the first bag!I couldn't check since he already closed his suitcase and he hates it when I do the checking on his side.And the crazy thing is...he is assuming without even any basis and he did not even look at what's inside the bag before he dump it inside his stupid suitcase!Yeah right,I'm still mad about that!Blame my hormones!lol.Luckily,not all the chocolates were left at home. Anyway,I don't want to ruin that day for them. They enjoyed a lot!

Inside the Emirates Palace Hotel

Emirates Palace Hotel is considered to be the most expensive hotel so far.It was amazing to see the rest of the place where only a few people can take a tour around.Most of the time many parts of it are exclusive for guests and V.I.P's. Luckily,my cousin who is currently working there got a chance to show us around with another guide...of course she had to ask permission first to one of the managers since the security there is very strict that nobody is allowed to take a tour on some of its restricted areas of the palace.

Well,I couldn't believe at first when our guide,Didier, told us that what we are going to see that are gold and silver are real gold and silver and every material used are of the best the floor with colored marbles from Italy with the white ones from India...all the heavy chandeliers hanged are filled with Swarovski crystals and the soft carpets are mostly handwoven from Iran....I don't remember anymore what else are there that the guide mentioned...oh yeah,the cogniac thing and the caviar, etc...many stories that could make any non-VIP like me to make that "amazed and shocked expression" with my eyes marvelled by all the material things that can spoil their guests.

As we take a look at one of their suites,I keep on thinking, I couldn't afford to spoil myself with an expensive accomodation like this for just one or few nights of splendor.It's a lot of fortune to spend (for someone like me).And anyway,I am already contented to have that chance to see all these luxuries they can offer...and that contentment is already enough to fill my simple pleasure of appreciating beautiful and fancy things like these...a priceless experience that taught me a lesson about life...that happiness and contentment in a person is not about how much he has and how many things he posseses....
Happiness is about finding the things that really matter most in life and no matter how poor you are,just knowing how you can be happy even in the simplest of things,you'll see that it's the greatest possession in the universe...because the more you have,the more you worry about losing them and the more greedy you can become...and that surely will not make you find satisfaction and contentment and you will never know how to be REALLY happy...So,what's the worth of these material things if it's always accompanied by worries,greed and unsatisfaction?And so,my amazement was replaced by the view of my son who was enjoying playing on the that's the happiness I'm talking about!