Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Roaming Around Rome

Being pregnant and travelling is quite a challenge especially when it involves carrying some baggages,taking a long walk and standing for a long time in one place. Good thing my doctor gave me some advice and prescribed me some medications to take in case I get a few contractions or cramps...anyway it's still possible to tour around...I just don't have to get too tired or stay standing for more than 20 minutes.
Before I booked my europe trips I checked first if I'll still be allowed to take a plane by the time my sister and my cousin's visit here in Belgium.Luckily I can still travel by plane within those dates.My husband was too worried for me that he already booked online out bus tours so I don't have to walk long distances from one tourist spot to another...a bit expensive for the 2-days package hop-on,hop-off tour bus but it was worth saved us some time and effort(especially for me)...indeed very convenient and less of a hassle.We had fun sightseeing on the upper deck while listening to the audio guide.I told them we'd take the whole tour first then later on decide which places are very interesting to hop-off and are worth our time...well, we had great photos and great experience as well...Rome is like a big open city museum and every corner has its history...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Checking the Cassells Ghantoot

My husband tried to book for another hotel because we could not extend our stay anymore in the Al Jazira Club hotel.One week was the duration we booked and we were hoping my sister could get the J1-D( discount benefit for a Hilton employee including its family members). Unfortunately, all hotels were busy and mostly fully booked at that time so it was impossible for her to get the benefit since it also depends on the availability of rooms.

We tried to inquire on other hotel room availabilities but most of them replied to be fully booked.Then my husband got a message from Sheraton telling they were fully booked as well but they recommended another hotel outside Abu Dhabi(about 30 mins by car).We checked and my husband booked at once since we were scared we might end up with nowhere else to stay.We only got one night reservation at Vision hotel and after that would be at Cassells Ghantoot,a hotel in the middle of the desert between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

We were indeed surprised by this hotel and its location.It's like a castle in the middle of the desert...well not the only hotel/resort in the's nearby
Golden Tulip Al Jazira Hotel and Resort.You will see this resort which is near the round-about (after you exit from the highway,bout 6 mins.)then about 300 meters farther is the Cassells Ghantoot.It's a big property and only few guests were there during weekdays...ahhh our 3 days of tranquility was worth the price.The funniest thing I will surely not forget about this place is its metallic indication "Execute Rooms".

From there we were also able to go to Dubai at only about 30-35 mins... we went to see the Ski Dubai inside the the grandeous Mall of the Emirates.