Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Boat Trip Around Abu Dhabi

A photo with my cousin Eva

With Eva and the Paquet family

My sister with me and Eva...

Al Ain Zoo and Jabel Hafeet Adventures

We have already visited Al Ain last year but we didnt get a chance to visit the zoo.This time we're lucky it's wasn't too hot outside to do the tour inside the zoo.We decided it would be a good time to go there late in the afternoon so that after the zoo we can go see the sunset in the nearby mountain of Jabel Hafeet.
By the time we got inside,Matyu didn't waste his time taking a look around.He was very excited when he spotted the kids in the play area.And so we had to wait and convince him to make a little tour to see the animals.But anyway,it eas already a good thing that he didn't get bored of the place.

Some of the areas of the zoo are under renovation so we could actually hear the noise of the machines.The place was a bit big so we had really not enough time to do the whole tour.Anyway,we enjoyed the place and Matyu had fun doing slide hopping and trying all the playgrounds.Kids like him surely don't get bored while visiting the Al Ain zoo.

We were right on time or even 10 minutes before the sunset so we still had time to take photos of the mountain views.Matyu was fond of taking photos so we asked him to take one and voila! Just the right angle...even the background mountain is well-seen.And we were so surprised to see the result of his taken photos...such a talent in photography....hehehe.That's my kid!