Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Age Is Just A Number

For me, counting birthdays and determining how "old" you are can indeed affect your way of thinking and behaving... it's like a mind programming that tells you " you are one year older so you should act older"... like when somebody tells you,"you're already too old to play with toys" or you're too old for her/him". I mean, when you were still young, people look at you and say comments like "you're still young to get married" or you're still too young to have a baby". Later on as years passed by, some of these people tend to be scared to commit due to the fact that they are still "too young" and therefore not ready to get serious.But later on as your age reach 29 or 39 or 49, you'll start to get scared of the next bigger number then you start to realize you're getting older and then you imagine how it will be to live in the 30's,40's or 50's and worst is how you will look like in your 60's.
Age is just a number. But why do we judge a 20 yr old girl who wants to marry a 40 yr old guy? Why do we not find it appropriate for a 50 yr old woman to date men in their 40's? Because inside our head we have been taught a different scenario... that young couple are still " too young to settle in" and that " old people should just retire because they are already over-aged to flirt or fall in love.
Society teaches us traditions like counting birthdays and minding age gaps.But we must keep in mind that the number of your age will not determine "how matured you are mentally and emotionally". A 10 yr old child could be mentally more intelligent than a 20 yr old Miss Universe candidate or a 40 year old guy could still be emotionally immature and therefore feels that he is not yet ready to commit,get married and have children.Many often see themselves not yet ready for something even though they are already at a certain age.
Many older women experience growing anxieties as they reach the age of 50's or even at an earlier age. Even women in their 30's start to fear of the old age as they start to see signs of wrinkles on their faces. Independent women as they reach the age of 40 will suddenly realize they want to have a baby and procreate whatever it takes to experience a woman's stage of "becoming a mother".
Whatever's the age of a person doesn't really matter. What matters are the experiences you had encountered and the memories that will linger as time passes by.We can count on years,but the years can't count or measure the knowledge and wisdom a person has obtained in the years of his life...

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