Thursday, April 23, 2009

Serres Royales de Laeken - Greenhouses of the Belgian Palace

Every year, the Belgian Palace opens its greenhouses to the public. The opening date differs each year as they depend on which time the flowers bloom at their best. And so, it is only for a limited time(about 3 weeks). To make the tour of all the greenhouses open to the public you will need at least an hour visit to really appreciate their gardens. Entrance fee is only 2 euro but it's free if you are under 18 years old.
This is my sister inside one of the greenhouses.She is obviously amazed by all the colorful flowers.
One of the many beautiful flowering plants inside the palace...the wisteria

And the forbidden garden...
And the path.... towards another greenhouse and almost at the end of the tour...

I think they only open until 2nd week of May. Note that they are closed on Mondays for maintenance. For more information visit: or it's in french language.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hongkong- Cebu- Hongkong thru Cebu Pacific

I'm getting so excited to go back home after almost 2 years. This time we have a different itinerary. Since I have never been to Hongkong, my husband decided we stop-over and spend a few days in Hongkong. The next plan is to take Cebu Pacific Air to continue travelling to our destination: Cebu. Cebu Pacific Air is a low-cost airline that offers domestic and overseas flights in the Philippines.

I'm now looking forward to go and visit Hongkong and of course to go visit my family,relatives and friends in Cebu. I'm sure there will be loads of photos in the memory card.hehehe. My husband keeps on showing everybody the websites of the places where we stay and the nice places to visit...yes the power of the internet. :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Learning How to Ski through Youtube

Never tried skiing yet? How about learning first how to ski by watching how it's done? I found the best place to learn the basic ski techniques-- in youtube! hahaha
To begin I watch this:

I was so motivated to learn how to ski yet it's impossible to learn by just memorizing the techniques illustrated with the explanation. So I was looking for another alternative to prepare myself to learn how to ski-- so it's like learning to ski by observing the basic steps demonstrated online. When my husband saw me watching how to ski on youtube he said,">

But well, it's only looks easy because you're just watching it... wait till you get there! hahaha

Now tell me, how many times did you fall for real? ( just wondering ) LOL

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Money Is Just A Piece of Paper

Money is just a piece of paper...a piece assigned to create the illusion of belonging something. Richness nowadays is being measured according to how much money a person has in his bank account... if we truly believe that... then we believe in a lie... and we are doomed for believing it.

Pure richness is something that does not lose value no matter what.But what happens to money in times of crisis or during war? In times of crisis company loss their profits and they have to lay off workers to cut on their budget.As a result many people lose their jobs and end up in debts after all their money savings are used up.In times of war money losses its value or else becomes worthless...yes,in a war scenario, a hungry homeless person would surely bargain something else useful in return for basic needs like food and water.

Money is just a matter of is not a real wealth. It's ironic how the owner of a burning house thinks of all the things gone when his house is burnt and with all his cash and jewelries in his safety deposit.He forgot to think about the real wealth that survived that burning which is himself... if the creator dies with his creations, now that's a real loss.But when it's just the creations, the creator can still create another one...maybe even better than the previous ones.Money can come and go, be earned but then just be spent on anything one desires...but real wealth will settle longer and its existence will remain with its bearer.

Think about talents and skills- these are real possessions... something that cannot be easily taken away in a blink of an eye or by a burning house.These are pure richness that cannot be stolen from your identity and can be offered and bargained anytime anywhere.In times of war and famine or whenever something needs to be bargained for food and shelter, the ones who are really wealthy are those who possess something in return for a favor. These are handy treasures that can be bargained.