Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hongkong- Cebu- Hongkong thru Cebu Pacific

I'm getting so excited to go back home after almost 2 years. This time we have a different itinerary. Since I have never been to Hongkong, my husband decided we stop-over and spend a few days in Hongkong. The next plan is to take Cebu Pacific Air to continue travelling to our destination: Cebu. Cebu Pacific Air is a low-cost airline that offers domestic and overseas flights in the Philippines.

I'm now looking forward to go and visit Hongkong and of course to go visit my family,relatives and friends in Cebu. I'm sure there will be loads of photos in the memory card.hehehe. My husband keeps on showing everybody the websites of the places where we stay and the nice places to visit...yes the power of the internet. :)